ChicaGirl Magazine Mission Statement
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CHICA GIRL magazine surpasses print magazines as the FIRST digital magazine for young Latinas.   As the first digital magazine, we are dedicated to promoting higher education and empowering our youth in every issue.  I’ve chosen a magazine as the medium to reach Latina teenagers  
(Target market: ages 13-28 girls) in a positive way, not only through entertainment and fashion-forward articles, but also through motivational and inspirational stories by women and about women. Our target market is technologically savvy and we are keeping up with the trends and surpassing print magazines.  

CHICA GIRL is committed to addressing important Latina teen issues…
◦ Body Image  
◦ Fashion
◦ Academic Education
◦ Health Education & Awareness
◦ Latina Empowerment
◦ Individual Growth
◦ Socio-Economics
◦ Cultural Awareness and Pride

Hispanic teens make up a significantly larger portion of the teen population within the top Hispanic markets.  With the rise of this market it is critical that we make a positive impact on our youth.  It is therefore essential to encourage higher education.   

Dedicating our magazine to higher education we will feature high school and college counselors who will be available through our website for questions and answers.  The magazine will allow counselors to communicate directly with girls around the world regarding scholarships, grants, and tips for attending universities.  It is a saddening statistic that Hispanics have the lowest percentage to continue onto higher education. At CHICA GIRL magazine, we hope to increase the number of Latinas applying for and attending universities.  We posted our scholarship applications in our Issue5-giving away over $40,000 in scholarship money. The ChicaGirl/UIW Spring 2009 Scholarship winners have been announced in Issue 6.  Since our launch a year and a half ago ChicaGirl Magazine has awarded over $80,000 in scholarship money! This year we are awarding over $37,000 in scholarship money!

Chica Girl Magazine is a magazine and company dedicated to our youth and promoting a positive example to our readers.  We are passionate about being a proactive magazine and making a positive difference in our youth’s lives.  We take responsibility for the content and advertisements in our
magazine.  We DO NOT and WILL NOT have alcohol or tobacco companies promoting or advertising in our magazine.

CHICA GIRL magazine reaches young Latinas in a significant manner.  Hispanic teens make up a significantly larger portion of the teen population within the top Hispanic markets.  With the rise of this market it is critical that we maintain their commitment to maintaining brand awareness and integrity.  

ChicaGirl Magazine is a FREE magazine allowing girls with internet access to view all issues without registering for the magazine.  Registered members pay no subscription fees and are given extra incentives, such as: they are given access to view the most recent issues; they are able to create ChicaGirl profiles on and are eligible for scholarships and giveaways. Our readers are young, innovative and technologically savvy girls that are eager to learn about new things & make new friends. We are a positive magazine and encourage our members to uphold the "ChicaGirl standard” with positive and encouraging attitudes. Girls have been looking for a fun, new & exciting way to find the latest word on what’s what…at last, CHICA GIRL is here!

Promoting media campaigns in Chica Girl gives companies a competitive advantage because we are the first digital magazine to reach this young teenage Latina demographic.    

As a grassroots, minority-woman owned business; I hope to inspire other Latina entrepreneurs to follow their dream and make it a reality!   


Toni Lee Jimenez



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